Kopi Pot Food Menu

Vegetarian dishes are marked with (v)
Gluten Free dishes are marked with GF


- a selection of tasty dishes from around the country

Tongseng Kambing Rp. 66
a delicious spicy lamb stew, originating from Java

Sato Ayam Rp. 52
Java's popular and substantial chicken and glass noodles soup, served with steamed rice - and your own hot sambal sambal sauce

GF (v) Gado-Gado Rp. 43
the well known Indonesian salad of green vegetables, bean sprouts and bean-curd, topped with peanut sauce

Saté Rp. 60
small skewers of chicken, beef or lamb, served to your table over charcoal, with rice

GF Saté Lilit Rp. 59
Balinese saté - deliciously spiced minced fish wrapped around sticks of lemongrass, served to your table over charcoal, with local-style vegetables and rice

Mie Goreng Rp. 57
fried noodles with plenty of tasty extras

GF Ayam Betutu Rp. 75
delicious pieces of chicken, cooked in a spicy Balinese sauce, served with local-style vegetables and white rice (as available)

Nasi Goreng Istimewa Rp. 64
Indonesia’s national dish of fried rice, with shrimps, chicken, saté, and egg

GF Rendang Sapi Rp. 78
beef, slowly cooked in spices and coconut milk, till tender - served with rice

GF Bebek Goreng Rp. 79
Balinese deep-fried young duck served with steamed rice, local style vegetables mixed with grated coconut, and three kinds of sambal sweet chili sauce, sambal matah and chili soy sauce

Nasi Campur Rp. 67
steamed rice with a selection of deliciously spicy meats and vegetables

GF Ayam Panggang Madu Rp. 75
grilled chicken basted with spicy honey sauce, served with turmeric rice, braised long beans with spicy coconut cream sauce, and three kinds of sambal - sweet chili sauce, sambal matah and chili soy sauce

Lumpia Rp. 49
Indonesian spring rolls, served with peanut sauce

GF Ikan Acar Kuning Rp. 67
pan-seared mackerel served with creamy tangy turmeric sauce, steamed rice, and carrot and cucumber relish


Cauliflower and Leek
Rp. 46

Bouillabaisse Rp. 50
a delicious mixed seafood soup

GF Pumpkin Cream
Rp. 46

GF Minestrone
Rp. 48

French Onion
Rp. 45

GF Tom Yam Goong - spicy Thai prawn soup
Rp. 58

GF (v) Fresh Asparagus Hollandaise (as available)
Rp. 49

Avocado Shrimp Cocktail
Rp. 56


GF (v) Avocado and Walnut Salad Rp. 71
with Blue Cheese Dressing

GF Cobb Salad Rp. 65
grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, bacon, mango, avocado, apple, pear and orange, served with ranch dressing

GF Citrus and Rocket Salad Rp. 59
arugula, pomelo, grapefruit, sunkist orange, and walnuts, with honey lemon mustard dressing

GF Greek Salad Rp. 69
the all-time favourite with feta and kalamata olives

GF Salade Nicoise Rp. 66
tuna, anchovies, olives and boiled egg make this salad the popular choice it is, throughout the world

Shrimp Salad Rp. 66
by popular demand

GF Chili Prawn Salad Rp. 76
steamed prawns on a bed of greens with a very mild chili balsamic dressing


Seafood Platter Rp. 325 (for TWO persons)
grilled lobster and king prawns, with deep-fried breaded red snapper fillets, and squid rings served with French fries, a side salad and three sauces garlic butter, tartare sauce and sweet chili dip

GF Prawns Rp. 96
choice of garlic sauce or sambal bali, served with salad and rice

GF Fresh Fish of the Day Rp. 103
whole fish with tartare sauce, sambal bali or garlic sauce, served with salad and rice

Seafood Skewers Rp. 105
served at your table over charcoal, with French fries and salad

Calamari Rp. 97
deep fried, with tartare sauce, French fries and salad

Red Snapper Meuniere Rp. 95
with sautéed zucchini and potato wedges

GF Spiced Crusted Tuna Steak Rp. 98
grilled, and served with potato ragout, sautéed seasonal vegetables, teriyaki sauce, ginger, papaya and capsicum salsa

GF Seafood Curry Rp. 89
served with steamed rice

Fish & Chips Rp. 95
just the way you like it, served with salad

Beer - Batter Prawns Rp. 96
served with french fries


GF Medallion Steaks à la Maison Rp. 115
served with stroganoff and pepper sauces, and vegetables *

Pepper Steak Rp. 115
local cut, with freshly prepared peppercorn sauce, and salad *

GF Fillet Steak Rp. 115
local tenderloin, with bearnaise sauce, and salad *

Imported Tenderloin Rp. 189
served with vegetables, and your choice of sauce *

* all of the above served with either Baked Potato, or French Fries

Bali Veal Cordon Bleu Rp. 87
served with salad and French fries

Coq au Vin Rp. 85
our delicious version of the French favourite - chicken hot pot baked in the oven with red wine, mushrooms, onions, and bacon, served with baked potato

Pork Spare Ribs Rp. 112
barbecued, and served with salad and French fries

Chicken Curry Madras Rp. 84
served with rice and Indian spices

Thai Green Curry with Lamb Rp. 97
the famous Thai dish with tender imported lamb

GF Sausages and Mash Rp. 78
tasty home-made pork sausages with onion gravy, grilled tomato, and mashed potato

Chicken Fricassee Rp. 79
sliced chicken breast sautéed in a white wine butter sauce, with asparagus, button mushrooms and parsley potatoes

(v) Ratatouille Rp. 66
served with garlic bread, and parmesan cheese


Your choice of Penne, Spaghetti, or Fettuccine

Carbonara Rp. 81
- with bacon, cream, and parmesan cheese

Putanesca Rp. 78
with tomato, kalamata olives, capers, anchovies, chili, and onion

Napolitana or Arrabiata Rp. 71
tomatoes, basil, oregano - spicy if you prefer

Bolognese Rp. 81
traditional Italian sauce, with minced beef, tomato, and oregano


Eggs Benedict
Rp. 45

Quiche Lorraine Rp. 55
freshly baked on the premises, served with salad

Beefburger Rp. 58
served with French fries

Cheeseburger Rp. 61
served with French fries

Bali Taco Rp. 56
choice of Red Bean or Beef filling

Kopi Pot Club Sandwich Rp. 58
complete with all the trimmings, and French fries

Garlic Bread
Rp. 28

Chicken Steak Sandwich Rp. 55
with White or Brown bread, served with French fries

B.e.l.t. Sandwich Rp. 54
with White or Brown bread, served with French fries

French Fries
Rp. 37


- all our Cakes and Pies are made on the premises

Black Forest (without a doubt, the best in town)
Rp. 48

Coconut Pie Rp. 38
served with passionfruit sauce

Lemon Meringue
Rp. 38

Pear Tarte Tatin Rp. 38
served with vanilla sauce

Mango Cream Cheesecake (seasonal)
Rp. 39

Chocolate Cake
Rp. 38

GF Chocolate Mousse
Rp. 38

Pancakes - various
Rp. 34

GF Fresh Fruit Salad
Rp. 34

Fried Bananas
Rp. 31

any of the above with Whipped Cream, Yoghurt or Ice Cream add
Rp. 20

Yoghurt - with Fruit or Honey
Rp. 34

A selection of Ice Creams and Sorbets (mix and match)
Rp. 31

Banana Split
Rp. 38

GF Bubur Injin - Black Rice Pudding Rp. 33
a delicious local dessert, sweetened with palm sugar and served with coconut milk


Long Black, Flat White, Espresso short or long, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Machiatto short or long Bali
Rp. 27

Italian or Decaffeinated
Rp. 29

Vienna Coffee
Rp. 33

Irish Coffee, Jamaican Coffee
Rp. 82

Iced Coffee (with ice cream)
Rp. 36

Iced Cappuccino
Rp. 27

Iced Café Latte
Rp. 27


Twinings Earl Grey, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Jasmine and Others
Rp. 23

Java Tea
Rp. 19

Rp. 22

Iced Tea (by glass)
Rp. 19


Hot Milk Chocolate
Rp. 29

Iced Chocolate (with ice cream)
Rp. 36

Iced Frappuccino
Rp. 27

Prices subject to 6% service and 10% tax
(all prices in thousands)

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